GOALS: This course aims at providing students with theoretical and practical skills to understand and perform non -linear computations.


Learning outcomes: 




Understand basics of non-linear finite element problems in the time domain or in the material domain



(*) Levels: K: Knowledge, C: Comprehension, AP: Application, AN: Analysis, S: Synthesis, E: Expertness

 Content headlines:


Practical works 1 (1h30 Lecture CLB, 3h Tutorial CLB)

Introduction to Cast3M FE Code 


Numerical methods for non-linear problems (3h Lecture GPC, 3h Tutorial CLB)

Iterative solution to non-linear problems

Time dependant problems and discretization


Computational dynamics of structures (3h Lecture GPC, 3h Tutorial CLB)

Frequential analysis

Time domain simulations


Practical works 2 (6h)

Mini project illustrating the two above points


Non-linear behaviour of materials (4h30 Lecture CLB, 4h30 Tutorial CLB)

Reminders on elasticity and elastic criteria

Theory of plasticity

Damage mechanics


Practical works 3 (4h30 CLB)

Mini project illustrating the above point




English lessons for 5th year ISA-BTP students

Ce cours de Béton Précontraint contient les polycopiés du cours, mais aussi des compléments essentiellement sous la forme de liens vers des ressources intéressantes sur le web.

Réhabilitation des structures en béton, des structures pan de bois et en briques